Spanish families

All our families that host Delibes students have been carefully chosen and are guarenteed to treat you well, offer quality food, wifi,  and provide clean houses.

Living with a family has various advantages. You will learn for yourself about the Spanish customs, food, routines and way of life through your own experiences. It gives you the opportunity to practice the language all day long while expanding your vocabulary and improving your pronunciation. In short, it is the best way to fully integrate into Spanish life. This type of accommodation is offered throughout the year.

There are four possibilities for living with families:

  • Single room and full board
    (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  • Single room and half board
    (breakfast and lunch or dinner).
  • Double room and full board
    (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  • Double room and half board
    (breakfast and lunch or dinner).

Students must bring their own towels. The family will provide blankets, sheets and duvets. On the first day, students will receive the key to their family's house to be able to come and go as they wish.

Facilities for washing clothes are included in the price.

If the course that you are going to take lasts for a few months, we also offer the opportunity to reserve mixed accommodation, for example, beginning the first month with a family and then moving to a student flat or residence.