Colegio Delibes reopening

Measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

We are excited to communicate that we will resume our classes from July 6!

To achieve being a "covid free" space we apply the following safety and hygiene measures:

  • General disinfection of the College the week before opening.
  • General daily cleaning and disinfection of the College after classes.
  • Hydro-alcoholic disinfection gel in common areas of the College and in each classroom.
  • Disinfection mat at the school entrance to disinfect shoes.
  • Safety distances in classes of 1.5 meters between each student.
  • Classes with methacrylate partitions in classrooms with less safety distance.
  • Renovation, filtering and purification of all the College's air (common areas, classrooms, restrooms, hallways ...) eight times each day using a filter machine.
  • Individual audio guides for each student (150 devices) so that the activities and cultural visits can be carried out with the safety distance and good hearing.
  • Guide of recommendations and hygienic measures approved by the Salamanca City Council for the health and safety of teachers and students.
  • Graphic marking in bathrooms, classrooms and common areas of the safety regulations and tips to avoid contagion.

We are waiting for you!

Greetings from the Colegio Delibes team